ENNEAGRAM is an ancient system that helps us to recognize ourselves and accept ourselves with great love.

ENNEAGRAM is a typology that involves the psychological and spiritual aspects of the personality.

The ENNEAGRAM does not say anything about the individual life of each one, nor about their character, intelligence or individual gifts. The nine patterns are “only” one model. But they accurately describe motives and behaviors.

The knowledge of ENNEAGRAM brings powerful consequences to people. It stimulates the process of knowledge, transformation and maturity. It is not a new “self-improvement” program that renews the pressure. It is another instrument for a respectful and delicate encounter with oneself. It brings clarity about ourselves and our relationships.

The knowledge of the ENNEAGRAM allows to recognize patterns of behavior, to improve the communication with the others and to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Qualities that, both in work and in relation, have immense value in the days that run.

. Know the 9 patterns of the personality of the Enneagram and describe them
. To perceive the fixation of the type itself and to recognize its consequences and, in this way, to have a better acceptance of oneself and others.
. See people in a clearer and more realistic way in both private and professional life.

. The three centers: presentation and introduction
. Self-image and idealization: the inner observer
. Root Sin - Emotional Passion
. Escape, mechanism of rejection, maintenance of self-image, temptation.
. The Enneagram as a Path to (Spiritual) Development: From Root Sin - to the Gift of Spirit
. Teachings - Individual work.
. Work in groups corresponding to types
. Meditative work, creative and linked to experience.
. Have read, in book or on the internet, something about ENNEAGRAM.
. Bring an idea or questions about the type to which it belongs.

16 and 17 march + 18 and 19 may – 2019

Ana Cristina Estrelo 
Psychosynthesis and Transpersonal Psychology at the Psycho Polithical Peace Institut - Zurich / New York. Accompany individually and make formations for groups. Experience of 20 years in giving the Enneagram Course in Switzerland and Portugal.  

Maria José Passanha
Since 1995, she gives training and follows up in Psychosynthesis, Transactional Synthesis, Astroanamnesis, Numerology.
Investment: 80 euros per weekend
Location: Room of the Church of Santo António de Campolide
Tv. Estêvão Pinto 18, 1070-373 Lisbon
Hours: 9.30 to 6pm with mid-morning and late breaks, and for lunch.

Para inscrição, enviar por favor, nome, email, contacto telefónico e comprovativo de pagamento de 30 Euros, para: estrelo.circulo.aberto@gmail.com